One of the most interesting topics for the guests at the conference organized by the “Keshikchidagh” State Historical and Cultural Reserve was our stand with rich material and cultural samples. Artifacts of the Late Bronze-Early Iron Age of the Khojaly-Gadabay culture (bronze sword, obsidian and flint arrowheads, nuclei, bronze clothing accessories, etc.) found in the reserve, a cylindrical seal made of steatite stone, which will leave a mark on Azerbaijani archeology, were found at the stand. The “arrowhead from the bronze” sunk into the jaw area of the skeleton, which is considered to be a close ally of the chief of the tribe, as well as the pottery (jugs, bowls, etc.) used by the people of that time in everyday life and economy were demonstrated. These invaluable archeological material and cultural samples tell about the life, outlook and life of our great ancestors who settled in Keshikchidagh caves complex.

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