Information on ancient monuments in the suburbs of Keshikchidagh chain

         Gatardag ranges which In the third geological period went out from the depth of sea created from sandy-loamy  wallows. From the sediments of this content relicts of huge spinal mammals referring to late sarmat (8-10 million years) had been founded.(by Hajiyev) .The interesting fact that in the content of complex three kind of relicts (Mastadont, southern and ancient), obtained elephant, giraffe, hipparion ,ancient bull, emu, etc also human like apes. Famous paleontologists (BirchardAbramovich, Qaboshvilin, Binak, Rodiski ,Yakimov , R. Qasımova ) exploring 5 tooth relicts of this supreme ape called it Udabnopitek (“driopitek”). Just for these tooth remnants they included Caucasus especially Azerbaijan into first human creation Zone.  Here existed African nature landscape zones , water resources. After ages in earlier times of 4th geological period in eoplen –stosen level (Villatrank) from the effect of strong earth tidals, mountain formation processes  rich flora and fauna world had undergone fundamental transformations (AlashrafMammadov, MuseyibMuseyibli, NaibShirinov). 
        First  existence signs beginning from the middle of 4th period determined by studies(V.P.Lyuvin, M.Huseynov, M.Mansurov). Here glowing life continued for  till 150-130thousand year before.
        Garaduz, Karvandara, spring of Qudrat, Ajidara, ancient stone age camps,analyzing of labour tools give information about it. 
Next existence traces around the Gatardagh range come across from 4th 5th century .Firstly pagans people who believe the Sun, the moon and different animals in order to preserve their religious beliefs and protect themselves from attacks withdrew to mountains and lived there.
        After these Zoroastrian fire-worshippers withdrew from world and in order to carry on their religious beliefs lived in under rock asylums –caves which they carved themselves(F.Muradova, F.Mammadova)..
        From 4th century after acknowledgement of Christianity in Albania in carve-monasteries life became vital again. However ,afterwards figures, symbols, signs and features that belonged to idolators, as well as to fire-worshippers had been broken, shattered ,basted(Z.Bunyadov).
        In Gatardag ranges Keshikgala and Albanian chapels constructed in 5th 6th century(S.Vaxushti, Y.Nesibli). There existed Albanian farm areas, metal and brick balls in the northern division and flats of Qatardag ranges in the area of ancient Azerbaijan province of Kambisena.
        Temple and church priest were made donation, their workers worked for economy of the country(R.Goyushov)..  People came here from Borchali, ortachala-Soqanlıq, Qaratepe, Qarachop (Saqaricho) and Sıghnaq.
Georgian had worked in the area with secret plans for a long time. They repaired cave-monastrs. They carried out excavations in the Albanian temple and in Keshikqala, appropriated material remainders, opened the holy graves and appropriated skull head of skelletons and all belongings.
        There is a need of urgent research in the complex. Otherwise they will privatize all archeological and anthropological remainders and will print them in some languages and will rise the boundary conflict. In the result of this we will lose the Jeyranchol areas, Qarayazi forest, winter hubs.

Leading scientific worker of ANAS Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography,
candidate of historical sciences, Paleolit archaeological expedition 
Chief of Jeyranchol group – Mansur Mansurov Mahammad oghlu

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