Turkish specialists in Keshikchidagh

On 30.04.2024, a round table was organized in the administrative building of the “Keshikchidagh” State Historical-Cultural Reserve with the participation of Zuleyha Gizem Ozer, specialist of the laboratory of the Erzurum Restoration and Conservation Region of the Directorate of Cultural Monuments and Museums of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, and Kemal Kadir Karadogan, specialist of TIKA for the purpose of taking samples of the artifacts discovered as a result of the scientific and archaeological excavations carried out in the reserve area by the Directorate of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency. The guests also got acquainted with the small museum-type stand of material and cultural samples created in the administrative building of the reserve and the restoration process of pottery samples discovered in a fragmented state.
The director of the reserve, Musa Mursaguliyev, talked about the scientific research carried out in the territory of the reserve, including the project called “Archaeological excavations and summer school in Keshikchidagh”, which has become traditional in recent times. At the end of the round table, the artifacts to be radiocarbon analyzed were listed, documented and sealed. Then the foreign representatives got acquainted with the mounds discovered in the valley of Keshikchidagh Mounds Valley located in the territory of the “Keshikchidagh” State Historical-Cultural Reserve, and where archaeological excavations are planned in the future.

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