Permanent inhabitants of the Keshikchidag

February 11. The world we live in is very beautiful. It is also mysterious and interesting. The animal world is a collection of long-established and formed animal species in a certain area. The world of animals in the Keshikchidag area, which is a complex of its own fauna, is very diverse. The fauna of the cave complex in Keshikchidag is rich in mammals, reptiles, numerous sedentary and migratory birds. One of the animals that attracts attention in the Keshikchidag cave complex is turtles. Turtles are generally considered to be the oldest animals on earth. Turtles are divided into two places, living water and living land. The tortoise that is found in the reserve area is usually referenced to the type of living land turtle. Turtle is the oldest and the longest-lived animal. According to scholars, turtles live for about 200-300 years and never change their crusts. Turtles living in the reserve are fed with the plants being here and multiplying by laying eggs. The turtle pets start to live freely from the time they get out of the egg. Before baby turtles grow up very fast. Then the speed is gradually decreasing. But it is interesting that growth continues throughout its lives.

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