The place of faith Gudrat (Power) spring

11 September 2018 From the creation of time, people have had many beliefs on natural phenomena and other living and lifeless objects. Since the territory of Azerbaijan is the first living places, beliefs – cults are also widely spread in this area. Beliefs have come to this day, leaving deep traces in the welfares and minds of our ancestors. The beliefs on the territory of our country reflect possessive ancient history, culture, religion-ethics of our people. In boundless Jeyranchol, where drought prevails, people have been convinced of the natural phenomena – various mountains, trees, flames and other beliefs, and belief in water had been become stronger. They thought the water was a miracle of the Goddess. There is a “Gudrat (Power) Spring”, known as a place of people’s faith, known as a divine force and healing water among the indigenous inhabitants, which belongs to the Stone Age, which is a monument of nature, located in Keshikchidag cave complex. The fact that the name of the spring is the power is related to the fact that water has a mythological effect. Although the area is desert, vegetation is poor, in the face of the spring, tureng, fig, pistacia lentiscus, walnuts, cranberries, pears, grapes and other trees are over, considered as faithful among the indigenous population. During the Soviet era, when the borders of the allied republics were open, hundreds of people came to the spring’s sanctuary. The holiness of the spring is widespread.among the indigenous population.

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