Introductory project at school №3

With the support of Aghstafa District Executive Power, the project “The memory of the centuries-Keshikchidag” was initiated at school number 3 to introduce the reserve of the city and village secondary schools of the district.The pavilion was decorated with carpets, national ornaments and paintings,roller pens,handmade sculptures, hats, souvenirs reflected in the reserve material and cultural samples found during archaeological excavations in the reserve area. A slide show was presented about archeological excavations in the reserve area, excursions, events, and reserve monuments via monitor. The disks of the film “Stone book of ancient dwelling”, booklets, flayers and roller pens were give a present to the pupils. Because of the “Doors open days” in the school, responsible persons of the Education Department and parents of pupils came. This event has caused the interest of teachers and students. Propaganda will be continued in all schools in order to promote the reserve.

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