Introductory pavilion of the State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Keshikchidag".

On December 2, 2017, at the Heydar Aliyev Center in the Agstafa district, on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, with the support of the Executive Authority of the Agstafa region, a large concert program “Wisdom of a Saz, Word Force” was held with

the participation of the ashugs of Agstafa, Gazakh, Tovuz, and Marneuli region of the Georgian Republic .

Prior to the concert program, Mr. Maharram Guliyev, the head of the Executive Power of Agstafa region, and the guests inspected the exhibitions held in the courtyard of the Center. Taking into account the great interest of the public in the presentation of the project “Let’s introduce with Keshikchidag” and the scale of the event, the State historical and cultural reserve “Keshikchidag” traditionally created its own exhibition pavilion. The pavilion was decorated with carpets, national ornaments and paintings reflecting antiquity. At the event, the material and cultural samples found during archaeological excavations, then shirts, hats and souvenirs with a picture of the reserve, as well as models of towers and temples carved from stone and ballpoint pens, a short documentary film was titled “The Stone Chronicle of the Ancient The edges” were demonstrated there. The disks of the films made about the reserve, booklets, flyers (in three languages) were distributed free of charge.