Keshikchidagh SHCR

“Keshikchidagh” state historical and cultural reserve is located at 75 km distance from the centre of Aghstafa, 28 km from Boyuk-Kasik village. The reserve covering approximately 25 square km stretches Azerbaijani-Georgian border. Caves complex is situated on the boundless Jeyranchol, Gatardagh chain, 15 kilometre north-east from Jandar lake, on the precipice sheer cliffs surrounding south and south-east of mountains from the height of 750-950 meters above sea level. There are more than 70 caves, a castle, two temples and a sacred place in “Keshikchidagh” state historical and cultural reserve. Reserve consists of natural and artificial caves, castle and monastery carved in Early and middle Ages. Keshikchi gala (Guardian castle) built on the precipice sheer cliff by the native population of Caucasus Albania in V century AD and meant “guardian” is similar with the other castles in Azerbaijan territory due its architectural structure characteristics. Numerous carves, temples and sacred place is identical with the monuments built in Caucasus Albania.

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