An event related to the "Shusha year"

Shusha, the crown of Karabakh, is a sacred and dear place for our people. Shusha’s love is an integral part of the spiritual existence of every Azerbaijani. The city of Shusha, founded in 1752 by Panahali Khan, Khan of Karabakh and celebrating its 270th anniversary this year, has gone through a rich development path and played an exceptional role in the cultural and social-political life of Azerbaijan and the entire South Caucasus. This city, which has always preserved its unique historical appearance and the unique environment it formed, has written remarkable pages in the annals of our literary, cultural, scientific and social thought with its great personalities. The rapid development of the city of Shusha in the 70s of the last century is closely related to the name of our National Leader Heydar Aliyev. Special decisions on the development of the city were made at the initiative of the Great Leader. Since that time, the construction works in Shusha have expanded, and important steps have been taken to perpetuate the memory of our cultural figures. According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, dated January 5, 2022, 2022 has been declared the “Year of Shusha”. In connection with the announcement of 2022 as the “Year of Shusha”, a series of events are being held in all regions of our country, including Aghstafa region. One of the final events related to the year of Shusha was held in the yard by “Keshikchidagh” State historical and cultural reserve. Thus, on December 26, the “Keshikchidagh” State historical and cultural reserve held a scientific seminar “Shusha is the cradle of culture of Azerbaijan” dedicated to the “Year of Shusha” in 2022 at the Heydar Aliyev Center of Aghstafa district. At the event, first of all, the souls of our martyrs who died for the land were remembered with a minute of silence, then the director of the reserve, Musa Mursaguliyev, made a speech and spoke about the importance of declaring 2022 as the “Year of Shusha”, and the improvement and construction works carried out in Shusha under the instructions of the President of the country, Mr. Ilham Aliyev.
At the seminar, Imash Hajiyev, who was born and grew up in Shusha, conducted scientific research in the reserve area for more than 15 years, and currently continues his activities in our region, BSU professor, doctor of sciences in art studies, BSU professor, doctor of sciences in philology, Valeh Nasibov, director of the “Avey” state historical and cultural reserve, Ph.D. in pedagogy Saadat Aliyeva, and employees of the reserve, Indira Samadova, honored history teacher of named after A. Huseynov secondary school in Aghstafa district, Mirzahid Hajiyev, chairman of the Aghstafa district branch of the #Azerbaijan-Afghanistan Veterans Social Union, the 44-days Patriotic War Elvin Mammadov and Namig Ibrahimov, one of our veterans who hoisted the flag to Shusha with their own hands, “Shusha Conqueror”, participated. The guests shared their memories about the city of “Shusha, which is considered the heart of Karabakh”, the Jidir Plain, Shusha Castle, and gave detailed information (with slides) about the etymology and history of Shusha. At the event, the poems “Olmazmi” and “Bileydim” by Imash Hajiyev, who is also the author of the book of poems about Shusha, were sung by Mehdiyeva Melaknisa, an employee of the reserve, and the sample of poetry was listened to by the participants with great interest.
Also, at the conference, he heroically fought and martyred in the battles for the freedom of Shusha, worked as the director of secondary school No. 1 named after A. Huseynov, Aghstafa district, and according to the order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev dated 29.12.2020, after his death who was awarded with the medal “For the liberation of Shusha”, Elsavar Imamaliyev, the father of the martyr Imamaliyev Elvin, made a speech and spoke about the glorious path of the martyr. At the end, the guests were presented with crystal souvenirs depicting the monuments located in the reserve, gift bags containing a disc, booklet, flyer and a roller pen of the documentary film “Stone Book of the Ancient Land”, which was cursed in 2011 by “Yaddash” studio on the order of the Ministry for Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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