The partridge.

December 6 – Dear readers! Today, we would like to inform you about the partridge, makes it even more colorful the history and uniqueness of the “Keshikchidagh” cave complex, which attract people with their delightful beauty, always flying on the steep, inaccessible rocks. It is possible to come across partridge in most areas of our charming region. In the territory of our reserve lives there is a ordinary and gray species of them among the people called mountain partridge or stone partridge. It’s not too big size, it is fast and agile. Ordinary partridge (mountain partridge) is considered to be the smallest type of partridge. Its weight is not exceed 400 grams, and its length of body is 30 centimeters. The color of the mountain partridge’s fluffs brightly, mixed and changes according to seasons of nature. Most, partridges flies have come here due to the limited departure-arrival in the reserve and on the border strip. Partridges nesting at the bottom of the shrubs, mainly multiply in September. In some countries, their hunt is banned, because the number of partridges decreases. Let’s keep the partridges, which enrich with its beauty of the nature of Azerbaijan.

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