The "Çöl adamı" program of "Khazar" TV company in "Keshikchidagh"

The “Khazar” TV channel is constantly engaged in the familiarization with historical monuments. To this end, the employees of the “Çöl adamı” program of the “Khazar” TV channel visited the territory of the State historical and cultural reserve “Keshikchidag”, located in the western part of Azerbaijan, on the border with the Republic of Georgia, in the Agstafa region. Musa Mursakuliyev, director of the reserve, described in detail the caves found in the cave complex of Keshikchidag, the frescoes on their walls, and the Gudrat spring, which is considered a place of healing and faith. At the end of the event, the guests of the reserve visited a monument erected in honor of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, “Peak named after Ilham Aliyev”. Carrying out such events promotes the popularization of the Agstafa region and the development of tourism in this region.

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