Red Bridge

Dear viewers, today we will tell you about the “Red Bridge” in the framework of the “Cultural Heritage of our region” project.

The “Red Bridge” was built on the old caravan road, over the Khramchay, and was popularly known as the “Broken Bridge”. This historical building, one of the unique and magnificent monuments of the XII century, has been extensively studied. The length of the bridge, which is one of the best examples of Azerbaijani architecture, is 175 meters.

The presence of large caravanserais within the coastal sections shows that the bridge was of great importance at that time and was also one of the important trade hubs around it. All indicators – spatial structure, construction techniques, artistic architectural style, etc. The Red Bridge is one of the most valuable monuments of Azerbaijani architecture.

Although the red bridge is long, it has only four spans. The main reason for the lack of such crossings is the geological structure of the riverbed. Thus, in the practice of bridge construction in Azerbaijan, as a rule, strong rocks in the riverbed were chosen as the basis for the support of the passes.

It is lined with baked bricks and therefore the monument, called “Red Bridge”, is decorated in large and one-colour figures.