Jointly cooperation with ANAMA

May 31.  From 1948 to 1990, one of the largest military landfill of the USSR in the Caucasus was located in the territory of the State historical-cultural reserve “Keshikchidag”, established under the Order of President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.Numerous explosives and unexploded ammunition remnants were found in the area, because there were numerous military and artillery exercises around the territory of the Keshikchidag cave complex. Musa Mursaguliev, the director of the reserve, told AZERTAC’s regional correspondent that at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture in early 2018, in order to ensure the safety of the reserve personnel and the protected citizens in the area where the reserve is located, for the purification of mine and unexploded ammunition remains (PHS) of the area,  negotiations were held with the division of National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) of the Republic of Azerbaijan were held in Saloghlu settlement of Aghstafa district and agreed to jointly cooperate with the reserve employees in the same area.

ANAMA has detected a large number of trained, unexploded military ammunition remains without damaging the monuments in the territory of the State historical-cultural reserve “Keshikchidag” under the supervision of the reserve employees and neutralized them in line with international mine clearance standards outside the reserve.

Before the military ammunition was cleaned, the search operation is carried out together with the employees of State historical-cultural reserve “Keshikchidag” and ANAMA employees were informed about for the protection of historical monuments, and barrows located in the area. 

Final monitoring and quality control measures were carried out by the relevant team of the agency and the cleared of ammunition operation of area was successfully completed.