November 8 - On the occasion of "Victory Day"

On the occasion of “Victory Day” on the initiative of the State Service for Protection, Development and Restoration of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, with the support of the Executive Power of Aghstafa region organized a march to the “Keshikchidagh” State Historical and Cultural Reserve. About 10 families of martyrs, 20 veterans, about 25 volunteers and 20 drivers took part in the “Victory March” organized on November 5 with the participation of the families of martyrs, veterans, volunteers of Aghstafa GIKM and about 20 NIVA cars attended. Thus, the march began with the visit of the marchers to the statue of National Leader Heydar Aliyev in the Heydar Aliyev Center of Aghstafa region, and then continued with the march of the caravan to the Keshikchidagh caves complex. Participants of the event were welcomed at the information center located in the reserve, the souls of the martyrs were commemorated with a minute of silence, family members shared their memories about the martyrs. Imash Hajiyev, a scientist originally from Shusha, Doctor of Historical Sciences, and veterans made speeches. Then, 5 trees were planted in memory of each martyr, and a flash mob with pictures of martyrs was held around the 9-meter flag. At the end, a samovar tea table was organized for the marchers and a photo was taken.