Mysterious ancient stone balls.

One of the rare pearls of our reserve… Mysterious ancient stone balls. This unique material-cultural specimen was discovered on the way from the territory of Keshikchidagh caves complex to Saggizli gorge (Ashel period). As a result of floods after long-term rains and the washing away of valleys, stone balls are often found here. The material of the stone ball is sandstone. The size is 35 cm, and the surface is sanded. There are several theories about the origin of balls, and they have not yet been fully explained by science. The most interesting of these is the creation of stone balls by the Mayans, an ancient civilization. Shows that this round stones can be both natural and artificial. It is also believed to be a slingshot used in hunting by people who lived in a primitive community structure. These stone balls (along with primitive stone crushers, axes, flint arrowheads, and spears) may be the oldest artifact (evidence of human handiwork on earth)