"Hasarli residential camp"

A new “Hasarli residential camp” belonging to the stone age was discovered in Jeyranchol, near Keshikchidagh. On May 19, 2020, the reserve staff discovered a new Hasarli residential camp in the Jeyranchol area. During the inspection of the open camp, which was paved with round stones, it was determined that these material and cultural samples were mainly household and household remains of the stone age, cutting and drilling tools. Among the finds, instruments made of obsidian (magmatic rock, a type of volcanic glass) predominate.The abundance and variety of tools in the Hasarli residental camp allows this place to be used as a workshop. The abundance of cutting and drilling tools indicates that the ancient people who lived here were mainly engaged in hunting and gathering.The study of these thousands of material and cultural artifacts will be important for studying the history of ancient human settlements in the region.