Campaign of climbers on "Peak of Ilham Aliyev" who is in the National historical and cultural Reserve "Keshikchidag".

Work on propaganda and agitation of the State historical and cultural reserve “Keshikchidag” gave its results, the number of visitors coming to the Reserve increases day by day. As an illustrative example, it is possible to give visit of the territory of the National historical and cultural park “Keshikchidag” of members of the organization for mountaineering under the leadership of the member of the Youth Organization Friends of the Nature of Yolchuyeva Mirvari, the chief representative of Association of Scouts of Azerbaijan around the city of Baku by Agil Mamedzade, the Climber of Azerbaijan Nurlan Hudazarov. Monuments of the cave complex, reflecting historical antiquity, left a deep impression in the memory of climbers, who were closely acquainted with them. Employees of the reserve gave detailed information to the visitors who got acquainted with the caves. At the end of the campaign they made memorable photos around the “Peak named after Ilham Aliyev”. As continuation of an action there was an acquaintance to the park of monuments in the regional center that was a final part of a campaign.